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March 25,2023


Navigate Your Menopause With Carleeka

| International Consultant| Speaker | Author |

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Women Who Pray is a whole movement to inspire women to make praying their lifestyle. Prayer is our SUPER POWER and weapon and 91 women have come together to share prayers with you in one book. Are you a woman who prays?

In She Is Well I share my experience from a surgery that changed my life. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

This book is sure to pull at your heartstrings as you will be able to relate to one story or more. I share how I went from being sick, silent and stuck to becoming Finally Free!

Women Who Pray Tee

Are YOU a woman who prays? Then let's make some noise wearing this statement piece to the world!

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Ladies Round Neck Fitted Tee

Small | Medium | Large | Xl
2X & Above

Girlfriend Fitted 


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"F-IT" Unisex

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"F-IT" Unisex Hoodie

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"F-IT" Ladies Cropped Sweatshirt

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"F-IT" Mug

White Mug