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Empowerment Entries

How your Attitude affects your Self talk

     A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences our choice of actions, responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards.

Four major components of attitude are

(1) Affective: emotions or feelings.

(2) Cognitive: belief or opinions held consciously.

(3) Conative/conation: mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change.

(4) Evaluative: positive or negative response to stimuli.


     Whatever is coming out of our mouths about ourselves reflects our attitude towards ourselves. So, what are you saying? If you have a negative view about you then you may say things like, I can’t, I won’t, tell yourself something is difficult or unfair, etc. vs telling yourself I am (fill in with a positive word), I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I am more than a conqueror, I will achieve my goals, I will love and so on…. 

     Is it harder to be pessimistic or optimistic? I find it easier for me to optimistic and not only with my words but mentally and physically. I have less stress by thinking, speaking and applying more positive strategies. Being optimistic has a lot of health benefits!

Benefits of being OPTIMISTIC:

  1. Better health- when all you think, speak and do are negative things you tend to be more stressed, unhappy which can create unhealthy habits. I know when I am feeling overwhelmed my stomach knots up and that is my sign to chill out and regroup.
  2. Greater Achievement- The more optimistic you are the more positive synergy is created and spread to others. Do you enjoy hanging around people who are ALWAYS negative? Are you the one sending out negative vibes?
  3. Persistence- Optimists people don’t give up easily. They fight, they push, and they do not QUIT!
  4. Less Stress- Because they believe in themselves and their abilities, they expect good things to happen. I EXPECT great things to happen in my life and yours! 

     Negative situations are lessons that are learned, and you move on. You have to develop self-confidence and create more positive events in your life by being proactive with stress management, by implementing and creating habits that reduce or eliminate stressors and your emotional consequences. Your peace is priority! 

  YOU are your 1st priority and you owe it to yourself to think, speak and do positive things to change the course of your life. So, let’s challenge ourselves to better our attitudes so it will reflect with the words coming out of our mouths!