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Time Saving Tips

     Have you ever said, "If I just had more time", or "There is not enough time in the day", I know I have. This is the thing I know that my time is limited and precious. We want to spend more time doing more of the things we love, such as spending time with our kids, friends and family. Right? We wear so many hats that there is not room for anymore. Girl, I get it for REAL. When you work full time, mommy full time and so much more when do you have time for you. Well, over the last year or so I was like something has to give. I give so much of my time to others, being there and handling my responsibilities, but there has to be a better way to do somethings. I was cleaning everyday (OCD), washing clothes, cooking meals at least 5 days out of the week (budgeting)…. Whew just typing this my head is starting to hurt. I know you can relate and then you are wore out, just to do ALL over again. Well, what if I told you I have discovered some ways to get some of my TIME back! YAYYY! 

     Now, I know I can't stop time and it surely does not wait one anyone. I have found ways to help me have more time to myself and my family. Girlfriend, remember you come right under God on the priority list. Here are few ways that I get more done with the time I have. I was so skeptical of grocery pickup but it has changed my life. For a family of 5 I was spending at least 2 hours in the grocery store, this doe not include commute time, waiting in line or dealing with people after you have worked. So from the press of a button by using I schedule the pickup and send my oldest daughter to get it. That is the beauty of having someone else who can drive btw. Another time saver is assigning duties and specific cleanup days. I know, I know it is hard to give up things you have been doing for years, because no one can do it like you do it. Well, that is not TRUE! DELEGATE, DELEGATE!! In my home it is a team effort. We get it done faster working together. 

     If you have older kids all you have to do is say, "Give me your phone" and the whole house will be spic and span. LOL.  Lastly, since I like homecooked meals and saving money not eating out a total gamechanger has been the Ninja Foodi. OMG! this one kitchen appliance has allowed me to prepare meals such as, ribs, whole chicken, chicken alfredo, a whole turkey breast and more in 45 minutes or less. Yes, you heard me right I do :WHOLE" meals in less than an hour. I have not turned on my oven and I can keep my food warm without having to keep getting up to make sure it does not burn. I have more energy and freedom to what I love just from these few changes. If you have any tips you would like to share please send an email to [email protected]t I would love to hear from you. Remember you can't stop time but you can implement time saving tips!